For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.



my introduction

  • a little more about me
  • a little history
  • current and future plans

 A time and a season for everything

a little more about me

My Name is Leanna Corvo, and I have been given the passion for this website for quite some time.  Since my conversion in my early thirties, I have had a passion for sharing the good news of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, our precious LORD and soon coming King!  Today I am 67 and moving closer to 68!   Who would have ever thought!  

 I have never really ventured out to do anything that I did not have a clear calling to do by the LORD, and now I am excited to step out in this direction and start a new chapter!!   Lets see where He takes it!


A little history

As I said above, as soon as I came to understand the LORD was real and that He heard my outcry, I have spent all my energies wanting to know as much about Him as I possibly could and all that He desires for my life.  It has always been the unction in my heart to tell anyone who would listen to all that the LORD was teaching me through His Word, and how it impacted my once very lost life.  In 2003 after a great deal of prayer I stepped into a much deeper full time service to our LORD as I walked away from my job and everything I personally owned, other than what would loosely fit in a small closet, and from there set out to continue my work of living for JESUS alone on a full time basis.

Long before I ever stepped out in full time ministry, I began my journey by fulfilling a vision the LORD gave me for Christian graphics where Scripture was the graphic and artwork was built around the scripture.  This aided in supporting my ministry work for a while, though I gave away more than I tried to sell.  I was then given a vision for a newsletter that became an 8 page, color, interactive mailing that went into, by its end, 52 different prisons primarily in CT, FL and NY.  We had inmates writing testimonies, doing incredible artwork, poetry and a few men that were given monthly blogs to further develop their writing gifts.  That went on for 11 years before lack of time and money brought it to a halt.  There was a great deal of interactive correspondence done with those on our lists, and each new name was only added when an inmate passed along to another inmate a mail-in card requesting to be added to our list.  All mailings went directly to the inmates themselves, because I wanted this to be an opportunity for them to feel special, that they were not just some part of a mass mailing, with no individual contact  from another person.  

During those 11 years the LORD also sent me into a local rehab that had numerous off campus houses, where weekly I went into these houses   to do evangelistic meetings.  The average attendance was for 6 weeks, which was the extent of the program and I spent 2-3 hours with each group.  From that we brought many attendees to local church services in houses of worship that supported my work.  At the peak of this season I was doing 9 meetings a week.  This went on for 4 ½ years.  

After that i spent a number of years in our rented space in the heart of the homeless area of our town, teaching and ministering to those primarily coming out of prison and steeped in drug addiction or other very dysfunctional lifestyles.   

Over the last ten years while caring for my dad as I said,  I was forced to close the two buildings we rented  that we used for teaching and all the other aspects of ministry work.  After those closings I worked out in the community either assisting one church for two years promoting a more disciple making atmosphere, or out in the community in homes and offices where small groups of seriously committed people would gather together to understand the life of a disciple more deeply.  Now that my Dad is with the LORD I am once again as I said, stepping out into full time ministry to devote myself to whatever the LORD gives me to do.


Current and future plans

As I said briefly on the front page, I will attempt by GOD’s Grace to continue my writing which I really enjoy, through Food for thought, a blog on being on the Road for JESUS, and a blog on the Life of a care taker all from the perspective of showing others that no matter what we face we can live it out boldly for the LORD no matter how difficult it becomes.   


Currently as I am staying in Florida awaiting the ability to get on the road, getting used to everything I need to know to live in and maintain my Rv life, the LORD has opened up an opportunity to work with two couples here in my area, and what a joy it is to get back on the horse and ride, even if we are not running yet but trotting is great after the long separation I had in the last years of my Dad’s life.