• How I got to here
  • Transition, Transition
  • So much to learn 
  • Trust and Faith is the anchor to it all

The Beginning                     Sept 1, 2019

The foundation of thought had to be laid

On the road for jesus

My  journey began as soon as I realized JESUS was real, that he actually heard my outcry and responded to my prayer. From that moment till now I have been sold out and willing to do anything and everything He would allow me to do for Him. Of course in the early years my daughter was only three at the beginning of my journey so it took a good long while for the LORD to unravel the major knots of dysfunction that plagued my life from it’s start, to my turning point for JESUS. 

I have always been drawn to those rejected by the world around them, and the LORD burdened my heart right out of the starting gate with a great passion for those who are suffering, something I knew well from my own life.

For years I connected and shared my faith with everyone the LORD put before me, but in 2003, my daughter grown and married, the LORD finally gave me the clear direction of what my life was going to be moving into.   Now I have skipped a great deal in between, but in 2003 that is when the LORD called me out to walk away from everything I owned personally and