• How I got to here
  • Transition, Transition
  • So much to learn 
  • Trust and Faith is the anchor to it all

The Beginning                     Sept 1, 2019

The foundation of thought had to be laid

On the road for jesus

My  journey began in April of 2019 when I purchased a used RV my Dad’s estate afforded me and I await my truck upgrade to pull it.   

As with everything the LORD gives you to do, He gives a vision of what it will be, however,  then we have to settle into the actual work of making that come to life.   I have always said if He did not give enough of a vision of what things would be one day, I could never stay the course of getting there.   At least for me, the work He has given me to do, it is always hard and laborious work to clear the ground making ready the plans to move into the vision.   


It took me about six months to clean out our storage units, and pick and choose what I thought I would need in my RV,   and now as I move to the end of the year 2019, I am getting closer to the closing out of my time here in Florida.